Rocky and Spanky go to a Party

Rocko and Spanky Go to a Party (Rocko and Spanky)Rocky

This is very, very cute. Two sock monkeys ride their scooter and sidecar all over town looking for a birthday present. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“In this kids’ book debut by sisters Kara and Jenna Lareau, Rocko and Socko (a funky pair of sock-monkey twins) couldn’t be more excited about buying a gift and dressing up for a big birthday party on Saturday. In a spunky collage of digital photos and kitschy-chic illustrations, the action starts quickly for these simian siblings, who tear off at the beginning of the book in a sidecar-equipped Vespa. But can they agree on what to buy at the Gift-o-Rama? And then there’s deciding on the right party outfits, an equally contentious affair: “What about these boots?” asks Spanky. “Can I pull off the western look?” “Please do,” says Rocko.” But after some good-natured squabbling, the duo is ready to arrive at the party, fully decked out and gift in hand. The only problem: Who’s birthday is it? Could these twins have possibly forgotten their own birthday?”

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