3-D Scooter Card … with sound effects!

You will want to only give this birthday card to your very best friends because it is so freakin’ cute! The scooter sounds true and the dog’s bark is especially precious. And it can stand alone on a shelf as a display. These Up With Paper cards can be had at Cost Plus World Markets in their wrapping paper/stationery section or you can order online for $7.50 a piece here:


Put a bird on it!

Forgive me. Being a longtime Portlander, I love the new IFC show “Portlandia”. It has nailed our quirky city cold. Here’s a link to the segment that refers to our bird passion:

Portlandia’s “Put A Bird On It”

And although Jacqueline at Screech Owl Design is not located in Portland, (she’s in Portland East, aka Brooklyn, NY) she might as well be. This lovely (and quirky) pheasant card is $4.50 and available at her online store.

Thanks to Portlandia’s own Cassie for this great find!


Orange you glad you're green?

We won’t get into the whole “Are two-stroke scooters environmentally friendly” confabulation here but at least this card featuring a two-stroke claims to be sustainable. It’s features an environmental message on the back, they are “green manufactured” and a portion of your purchase goes directly to organizations that protect the environment. They’re $2.95 each.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!