Dead Ahead iPhone/iPad game

Dead Ahead Video Game Vespa Scooter iPhone iPad

I’m not a gamer so I am useless as to whether this is a cool Apple app or not. But it’s FREE so why not give it a try?

And in the meantime I will give you this hilarious review from :

“Colour me excited … Dead Ahead isn’t even a runner, as it gives you increasingly awesome transportation methods and releases you in one of the zombie-infested areas of a city, with a clear direction to move to the right, destroying as many empty shells of human beings on your way, as possible – it’s not hugely different from driving in my suburbs, really … The controls are really simple: just slide your finger upwards and downwards on the right side of the screen and your hero will drive accordingly, evading obstacles and hitting zombies – if you’re fast enough, of course. This would already be an awesome idea, but to add fuel to the fire, you are also constantly being chased by zombies that are so eager to munch on your insides that they get completely oblivious to their surroundings, just like rabid kittens.”

Ooh that last picture is scary. So glad I don’t have to outrun that hoard on my 3 speed VBA.

This app will work on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5, 3rd to 5th Gen iPod Touch and on iPads. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Here’s a link to download the app for the iPhone.

Thanks to Louisa L. for this find!