This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Nutella Vespa Jars

Those lucky Europeans. It looks like Nutella has released some limited edition jars featuring the Vespa. Between the delicious hazelnut chocolate spread and the neat graphics I would probably end up buying a case. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m still in the States.
Thanks to Alice D. in the UK for this find!

Vespa Teddy Bears from FRANCE

french teddy bears on a vespaThis is way too cutesy for me, but I’m sure some people are into it. Forwarded to an email list I’m on:

I am Frenchwoman créative Teddy of Bear Collector.
I have créate a couple of travelling bear in the Vespa, they are
visible on the page
of my site:
Kind regards

Pascale Nowicki

I think the little metal scooter is pretty well done, actually. Maybe you could buy the whole lot and give the bears to someone who likes them. Oh wait – I just found the price: 175 Euros. Ouch..