Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons: Travels in Sicily on a Vespa


Matthew Fort continues the travels he began on a Vespa in “Eating Up Italy” in this new book:

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Here’s a book review:
“Attention lavished on Tuscany and the north of Italy has sometimes left Sicily languishing in travel literature’s backwaters. Sicily’s role as cradle of the Mafia and its separateness from the rest of the peninsula have also worked against it. On the other hand, the island’s rich history and unique amalgamation of African and European elements in its cultural patrimony make it perfect for the curious tourist. Aiming to give the place its proper due, Fort’s intimate portrait of modern Sicily introduces readers to the characters that enliven the place. Fort describes two journeys aboard his Vespa: one in spring, bisecting the isle from west to east; another in autumn, circumnavigating the coast. His narrative finds unity in the fabulous varieties of the foods he consumes along his way. Intensely proud and partisan, Sicilians argue the relative merits of sausages produced in towns just a few miles apart. Recipes conclude each chapter. –Mark Knoblauch”

It’s available at Amazon for $18:

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons at Amazon.com