Looks good on paper.

Midori D-Clips Scooter Vespa Paperclips

ScooterSwag featured these adorable clips back in 2011. But just this week I had not one but two Swaggers ask me if I had ever put them up. Which led me to think that you all needed to see them again. A box of 30 is $7.25. One note: for some reason they call these “bike” clips and not scooter clips.

Thanks to Steven S. and Phillip G. for the reminder!


Shiny scooters help you stay organized for the tax season?

We’ve featured several gift items from the Japanese design firm Midori (highly detailed scooter magnets and mini clips) but I think these paper clips are my favorites by far. They’re $7.85 for a pack of 30. And there are a lot of other designs including (sigh!) bunnies.

Thanks to Scoot! Magazine for the find. These were in April Whitney’s “Collector’s Corner” feature in the December 2010 issue.

Midori Scooter Clips