Scooters of the Apocalypse!

Scooters of the Apocalypse El Crappo Comics Comicbook

Here’s Amazon’s description which really can’t be improved upon:

“El Crappo Comics (New Zealand) is proud to present “Scooters of the Apocalypse”. Quite possibly the first book ever to combine Homer’s “Odyssey”, the “Revelation” and classic scooters in comic book form. If you’re one of those people who find James Joyce’s “Ulysses” too long and lacking in pictures “Scooters of the Apocalypse” is the book for you – it’s much shorter, got more pictures and has scooters!”

It’s just $9 at Amazon. Would anyone be interested in doing a book report for ScooterSwag?

Scooters of the Apocalypse

A different kind of toolbox.

Here’s another idea for Father’s Day. This is a box for your gentleman’s accessories. Cufflinks, tie pins, watches and chains all have their place. It’s made in New Zealand from Rimu on ply with a hinged lid. It also comes with a sliding tray. The dimensions are 194 x 95 x 70mm. The price is (I believe) $91.99 New Zealand Dollars or approximately $70 USD. Order now because it has a long way to go to get to you.

Thanks to Cassie for this find!