It’s a mad mad mad mod world!

I really love this book. It’s like a mash-up of Richard Scarry books with some mod sensibility. It’s very witty with something to puzzle over on every page. And yes, a scooter plays a prominent role.

Here’s the description from Amazon:
“In a distinctive oversize package and illustrated with Joëlle Jolivet’s signature retro, eye-catching style, Oops! follows a family through the streets of Paris as they try to get to the airport for their vacation. Back at their apartment, their house-sitting aunt slips on some soap, setting off a chain reaction of events that create some extreme roadblocks for the family’s trip. A movie shoot, a parade, policemen, rampaging bears, aliens, and much more collide in this remarkable new picture book adventure. The book includes a gatefold page at the end that explains in detail the train of chaos on the previous pages.”