The best party favors ever?

Pink  Aqua Scooter Vespa Rings Girls Party Favors

You can get two of these pink and aqua scooter rings for just 5 cents! (with $3.95 shipping). Might be worth contacting the seller to see if they can ship a bunch of them to you all at one time for a little more shipping. The rings are sized for little girls but they’re adjustable. So maybe they could be party favors for big girls too?

Thanks to Cassie for this find!

Girls Scooter Rings

Those Brits sure know how to party.

Alas, Brits are the only ones who can easily get these party favors too. The description reads “8 mini maze puzzles are assorted colours & shapes on a card and will appeal to both girls and boys. Ideal for party bags and pass the parcel.” They’re £1.49 for the set. Is “Pass the Parcel” like “Spin the Bottle”?

(Thanks to Julie G. for this find!)