A Rare Bit O’Swag:
A Sugar, Salt, & Pepper Santa Claus

Santa Condiment Salt Pepper Shaker Sugar Holder Vespa Sidecar Scooter Lambretta

This helpful scooter Santa can offer you salt, pepper, and sugar from his sidecar. The scooter and the sidecar come together with the aid of magnets and the set measures approximately 4.5″ high. Alas no markings were mentioned and I have been unable to find an online source. : (

Father Christmas and his Shiny Ride

Why “Father Christmas” and not “Santa Claus”? Because this glass ornament is only available in the UK. Made by Gisela Graham, it measures approximately 11cm and is £13.50.
(These can occasionally be found on eBay but beware of knock-offs that aren’t as nice.)


This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Santa on a Snow Scooter

Some will decry my posting of this toy as it’s not technically a scooter scooter but it’s so weird and wacky I couldn’t resist. Battery operated and made in Japan, these can be found on eBay and usually go for $100 or more depending on condition.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

PS: Here is a similar toy featuring Snoopy as an astronaut:

Watch Snoopy Ride!

And no scooter was stirring . . .

Merry Christmas Eve Scooter Swaggers!

On top, here’s a vintage Russian Christmas card just for you. The Russian Santa Claus is called “Ded Moroz” or “Grandfather Frost”. Both sound ominous to me.

The second card features the fairly rare Peugeot scooter as Santa’s transport. Note that a joyful reindeer is also getting a lift.