Spotted in France

Spotted in France: A Dog\'s Life...On the Road
I have read this and for dog-scooter owners, it’s a pip. I have a hard time believing a dog would sit in front of an owner’s legs just behind the legshield but there are photos to prove it. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“Gregory Edmont, an American living in Paris, and his precocious Dalmatian Jamy-Prince du Bois-deTanagra (JP) undertake a delightfully quirky journey to the south of France, where JP has been summoned by a desperate dog breeder to provide stud services. Hopping aboard a vintage Vespa scooter, these unlikely traveling companions turn heads and charm locals as they meander through a series of colorful towns and villages. A canine prodigy accorded a great deal of respect by the dog-loving French, JP provides a unique entree into provincial French society for his seemingly less worldly master. No ordinary tourists, Gregory and JP encounter all manner of memorable adventures along the road, including a run-in with gendarmes, a fortuitous encounter with a coven of mechanically able witches, and a hilarious assortment of eclectic dining experiences. Both travel enthusiasts and dog lovers will be charmed by this breezy odyssey as man and dog stray off the beaten path.”

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