Tank Girl is a scooter girl.

Tank Girl Vespa Scooter Bad Wind Rising Poster Magazine 2

I have always had a fondness for “Tank Girl” although I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and read an entire comicbook. I’ve just seen frames from the books and of course the Lori Petty movie which people seem to love or loathe. I loved it because at the time it was really freakin’ rare to see women kick ass. I do remember that the target roundel showed up here and there but I didn’t even know what that was about at the time. I just thought she was making herself a target which fit in with her M.O. perfectly. I also didn’t think of her riding a scooter. A yak-like animal and well, a tank. So I was very happy to come across these images and things all started clicking into place. It is a British comic after all.

The poster magazine up top is available for £6.99 at this site.

The other cover can be considered a bit of Rare Swag but the tenacious among you will no doubt find it.

And for a little mid 90s nostalgia, watch the Tank Girl trailer here.

Tank Girl Trailer 1994