Little People

I actually miss the old skool Fisher Price Little People. The new ones just don’t have the peg-gy charm of the originals. I had a barn and an airport. The barn door went “Mooooooo” when you opened it. That never got old. And the airport was beyond rad:


But I have to say this Little People toy is extremely, almost painfully cute:



“It’s party time and Sarah Lynn is riding on her scooter to get there! Sarah Lynn is ready to go with her doggie pal in the side car – complete with helmets and goggles for both! Oh…don’t forget the present and the balloons, which Sarah Lynn can actually hold in her hand! Ideal for growing toddlers, the playset encourages imaginative play and social play.”

Toddlers, smoddlers. I know a lot of scooterists over the age of 3 who will want one of these.

0 thoughts on “Little People

  1. i got this for my daughter as soon as i found it. she’s 2. she got tired of it before i did. ha ha

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