A real Roman Holiday might be cheaper?

This sculpture is entitled “Roman Holiday.” Let’s start off with the price. This has to be the single most expensive ScooterSwag item we’ve ever posted. This limited edition figurine is $1,980.00. And it’s on sale from $2,200. But this is definitely a pedigreed collectors piece from artist Giuseppe Armani. She measures an impressive 17″ tall and is handmade of porcelain and hand painted in Florence. And she is part of a limited edition run of 3000 pieces and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Thanks to Julie G. for this unusual find!


One thought on “A real Roman Holiday might be cheaper?

  1. Pfft! For that price, you can get a real scooter and ride it yourself in the real world.

    It’s also not safe to have to hold your skirt down while you ride 🙂

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