Looking good on paper.

Papero Scooter Couples Paper Models Vespa

Dear Paper Modelers and Puzzlers: Ready for a challenge? Designer Papero has created these two scooter models for you to tackle. (Check out the photo of the motorcycle model in an unmade state to get a sense of the difficulty and detail.) Made of recycled card and paper and soy oil based ink, even the wheels spin. The scooters each measure approximately 8cm X 12cm X 4.5cm. The kit ships from the UK for £17.50.

Here’s a description from Papero:

“Every aspect of this Papero paper model is beautifully designed. Start with the pre-cut eco-friendly paper ‘blueprints’. Consider where each element will go, then use pen, paint or pencil to colour them in. Pop out the pieces and assemble them together. The result is an incredibly detailed model. It helps children learn about 3D structures and develop co-ordination—but grown-ups will find hours of quiet joy in it too. And the smartest part? There’s no need for scissors, knives or adhesive, so no one’s going to glue their fingers together. Pure genius.”

Thanks to Alice D. for this unusual find!