"Scooter Gods" artwork by John Mulder

John Mulder is an artist based in Oregon and has had a gallery showing in Portland recently. ScooterSwag went and brought back this personal description of his work:

“In my current work — “Scooter Gods” — I have been re-envisioning a pantheon of Deities form the world’s many religious as they sit atop their Vespa scooters. The symbology and narrative images of iconic religious art have always fascinated me. In antiquity, these paintings were used to teach allegorical stories and were often rife with hidden meanings and symbolic objects. In this new series I get to play with my love of classic scooters while staying true to the reverence and story of the classic religious portrait.”

I especially like the Jesus praying next to his broken scooter. God, do I know how he feels.

To get prices on Mulder’s work and to see the whole collection, please visit: