Shag does Pink Panther

Pink Panther Patch.jpg


Pink Panther Neon Clock.jpg

Pink Panther Keychain.jpg

Shag Sticker One.gif

Shag Sticker Two.gif

Shag Sticker Three.gif

Shag Sticker Four.gif

How, oh how, did I forget to post Shag doing Pink Panther on a scooter? He’s a kitty for pete’s sake! A PINK Kitty! But I did. Please forgive me. And please ignore the fact that Steve Martin felt it was his responsibility to make a mockery of Peter Sellers’ legacy. (Why Steve, why? And why aren’t you more like Bill Murray?) On you can find four different bits of Pink Panther on two wheels including two different clocks – one neon! And even though they’ve been around awhile, I’m including Shag’s other scooter loving folk decals which are also available on the same site. Thanks to Aya for this heads-up.

0 thoughts on “Shag does Pink Panther

  1. Shag has figured out how to make the big bucks! copy the same damn image with small tweeks over and over again!

    And I agree the new Pink Panther was terrible. Thankfully, I saw it at the dollar theater. (the woman next to me laughed the entire way through the film. I weep for America.)