Eureka : a novel

I grabbed this book based on the cover, of course. Who doesn’t appreciate the lovely Cushman aesthetic?

It turned out to be a great, very touching read. Sort of a looks-like-a-midlife-crisis-on-a-scooter-but-is-really-a-needed-rebirth kind of story. I wouldn’t have given it a chance had I known the author is the same Jim Lehrer of the torturously boring MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour… but hey, the guy can write.

Find a copy.


Man! Cassie is fast on the uptake this week. I just saw this book for sale in my beloved Daedulus Books catalog yesterday They have it for sale for $3.98! And yes it’s a hard cover!

Another custom figurine

Put the likeness of your favorite couple on a scooter figurine. From
It’s similar to this figurine I posted a while back.

I saw this picture on a poster in the window of an engraving shop in downtown Portland & it was too weird not to post. What is that bear/deer with a football jersey on his head doing? Is that supposed to be Cupid? Or has he come with a magical wrench to change their spark plug? We may never know.


Enhance detail!

Thanks to Jake for this tip (or, rather, thanks to Jake for entering the father-to-be realm so cool gifts like this start rolling in). Sweet “Little Roadster” jumper available from Sears.

I am an aunt!


So I’m at the Rite Aid drugstore on Tuesday and notice this American Greetings card. Cute, but I don’t have a niece. And then I think, “Oh, wait! Yes I do! She was born this morning!” Cool timing, eh? I think I’ll save it until she turns 10 and tell her that I bought it the day she was born.

“You’re classy, sassy, spunky and cool –
And since it’s your birthday, girl, you rule!
Have a great day”