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Tokidoki has a bunch of bags and accessories available in their new “Transporto” print which is hella cute and includes some scooters. www.lesportsac.com

2006 print also had a scooter!

Tracy butting in here.

Both of the bags above are in the Transporto print which is pretty hard to find now – bags are over $100 on eBay and I’m not finding any stores on the web that sell these. The LeSportSac web site is showing only a black and white pattern with no scooters. But if you find them – KAWAII! Very cute. The “Transporto” print is made by LeSportSac and was designed by famous Japanese designer Tokidoki who has a huge following on the web. I think it’s neat the LeSportSac has become a cultish fashion item – I only remember their ugly stuff that was kind of a joke!

Here’s a close-up of the Transporto print:


Cassie butting back in here.

The ‘Trasporto’ print is indeed currently available on the lesportsac site. The default view of the bags is the black/white print (‘Tutti’). Over to the right, click on the ‘Trasporto print’ to see it on a bag, and you can click BUY IT! if you want to get it. They’re over $100 here, too, so compare the retail price to eBay price..

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