Rocky and Spanky go to a Party

Rocko and Spanky Go to a Party (Rocko and Spanky)Rocky

This is very, very cute. Two sock monkeys ride their scooter and sidecar all over town looking for a birthday present. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“In this kids’ book debut by sisters Kara and Jenna Lareau, Rocko and Socko (a funky pair of sock-monkey twins) couldn’t be more excited about buying a gift and dressing up for a big birthday party on Saturday. In a spunky collage of digital photos and kitschy-chic illustrations, the action starts quickly for these simian siblings, who tear off at the beginning of the book in a sidecar-equipped Vespa. But can they agree on what to buy at the Gift-o-Rama? And then there’s deciding on the right party outfits, an equally contentious affair: “What about these boots?” asks Spanky. “Can I pull off the western look?” “Please do,” says Rocko.” But after some good-natured squabbling, the duo is ready to arrive at the party, fully decked out and gift in hand. The only problem: Who’s birthday is it? Could these twins have possibly forgotten their own birthday?”

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  1. The Oregon Scooter Club newsletter, Kickstart was lucky enough to get an interview with the LaReau Sisters. Be sure to check it out in our upcoming Spring Issue. They were great sports and have more in store for our favorite scooter-lovin’ duo.

    P.S. They have a cute website too: