The Originals by Dave Gibbons



Another Scooter Comic Book. Looks good. This description from Amazon:
“The 1960s British Mod movement provides the inspiration for Gibbons’ graphic novel. There’s a twist, though, for The Originals portrays an alternative future in which gangs ride floating “hovers” instead of scooters and gather in seaside towns protected by giant weatherproof domes, while still wearing sharp Italian threads, taking uppers, and hanging out in dance halls. The story centers on Lel and his pal, Bok, and their initiation into the Originals, the coolest gang in town, which ushers them into a world of glamour, gals, and violent street clashes. The portrayal of youth culture is largely familiar, but Gibbons’ subtle, futuristic touches lend freshness, and the Mod milieu, informed by Gibbons’ own adolescence, seems authentic and exciting. Sharp black-and-white artwork, as stylish as the Mods themselves, imparts a 1960s feel while veering from documentary realism to op-art effects, and Gibbons’ skill in his first major scripting effort drives the narrative briskly. The illustrator for some of comics’ best writers–he drew Alan Moore’s epoch-making Watchmen (1987)–has learned well from such collaborators.”

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