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This is the mothership of all scooter swag books. Cassie posted about it quite awhile ago. I contemplated buying it but it costs 50 Euros and with shipping from Europe it’s around $100 USD. But a friend in Eugene has it and I have seen the light after actually holding it in my hands. I just ordered it today. It’s a big gorgeous coffee table bible orgasmotron of a book. Totally worth every penny. Here’s what the author has to say:

“Could there be any better way of capturing the cult of the Vespa than by presenting the objects which have been created for Vespas and their owners during the past 60 years? The Vespa has provided mobility and freedom to millions of people and its allure has inspired countless artists. This book contains over 1000 previously unpublished items (posters, stickers, toy models, key rings, trophies, pennants and much more) – each piece revealing a passion for the Vespa way of life.”

You can order directly from the author here:

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