has its first sponsor!

Why lookie there! Up top. Where the horrible Google AdSense ads used to be. Now we have something pertinent to our audience. Not — for example — an ad for mobility scooters. (Although we will need those eventually ; ) is in fact’s very first sponsor. And I would love it if you would visit their site and take a look around. They have made fantastic rally patches for quite a few of the rallies I’ve been to as a Pacific Northwestern-er. And now they’re expanding their wares to include flags (pennants), keychains and other lovely swag. And as a reader of ScooterSwag you get 10% off your first order. So order up some more club patches and start designing your rally patches now while it’s crappy riding weather. Because rally season is just around the corner.

Scooters on the big screen.

In this case the big screen is in your living room, perhaps creating some privacy in a small apartment or adding color to boring corner. Its three panels measure in at little over 4′ wide and 7′ tall and are made of wood and stretched canvas with high quality “ink jet technology.” This screen is available with images appearing on one side (top photo – $129) or as a double sided screen (top + bottom photo – $155). Perhaps best of all this screen will please both the Vespa and Lambretta fans as it features vintage advertisements and imagery from both camps.

Thanks to Julie G. for this great find!

Double Sided Scooter Ad Room Divider

Single Sided Scooter Ad Room Divider

Cut Paper Artist Chloé Fleury

Chloé Fleury is a French illustrator who fell in love with California when she was 10.

(Ironic since this about the age little American girls fall in love with Paris. Grass is always greener, eh?)

She now lives in San Francisco and her clients include Cosmopolitan Magazine, Chronicle Books, Condé Nast Traveler Magazine and Target stores. Her specialty is cut paper art which she incorporates into stop motion animation, graphic design and window displays.

You can buy limited edition posters of the work shown here. “Summer Shopping” is $115 and “Happy Fall” is $150. They are giclée prints of photographs of the paper sculpture work and are signed by the artist in the back.

A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Vintage Motul Waterslide Decal

I have always loved vintage waterslides. I have a vague recollection of applying them to my bicycle when I was very small. Gosh that dates me! Anyhoo, here is a prime specimen spotted on eBay recently. If you’d like to wallow in a little more vintage goodness (and some rather randy imagery), click below.

Waterslides on Google Images

Swag From Around The World:
Scooter Noodle Shop in Japan

From David J. Smith in Nagoya, Japan:

The setting is an industrial area, off one of central Japan’s main highways that lead up to mountains and ski resorts. Picture an old warehouse, with steam billowing out from a wall-mounted stack.

Though the exterior may be beaten and worn by weather and time, it hides what waits inside. Modern sliding glass doors open up to a bright and open space that one cannot immediately digest — to the right is a fully stocked bar, yet in front are a tables that suggest a café. Look towards the back and there are numerous display cases. Beyond these, however, is a collection of vintage scooters, and, from time to time, a classic Lotus or other rare sports car.

Wait . . . is this a garage for drunks?

Don’t pass judgement yet. Instead follow your nose and your eyes will be led to an open kitchen with enormous stainless steel pots boiling over with rich soup stock and noodles.

You’re at T.T. Ramen. One of Japan’s largest collections of scooter swag. As well as a damn fine noodle shop.

TT Ramen was the result of a local scooterist who had a passion for both vintage scooters and great, homemade ramen noodles.

For the equivalent of $7, one can fill up on this juicy delight, served in rich stock that you slurp to the last drop. Add Chinese dumplings or fried rice and you will be glad you came by scooter as you will be too full to walk. T.T. has become one of the favorite destinations for the local Midland Flyers SC, but also for scooterists making a special trip from Tokyo, Osaka and places beyond.

One warning – it is not an easy place to get to, even if one is already in Japan!

“Come by scooter” and leisurely slurp away as you delight in this relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by endless swag.

(David – Thanks so much for the write-up and photos! -SSwag)