Swag From Around The World: Chinese Scooter Shirts

Hi there ScooterSwaggers. Happy New Year. Sorry for the lapse in swag-dom. After a busy Christmas, travels and a long bout with the flu, I’m back on the job.

Which brings us to this first post of 2013. Eric E. is a “Long time reader, and collector of all things Vespa” who’s based in Jiaxing, China right now. (That’s in the middle of the Northeast coast.) He found these shirts for sale on the street and like any swagger worth his mettle, couldn’t resist buying them.

I asked him what the scooter scene was like there and this was his reply:

“It’s interesting, in Hong Kong there is pride and style associated with scooters and motorcycles, I saw cafe racers ridden by “rockers” and Vespa/PGO/LML scooters that were washed and waxed. On the mainland they are just basic transportation and as long as they move forward they don’t do anything to fix them. People everywhere riding around at night with no lights, and everything is barely hacked together enough to keep going.”

Eric promises to take photos of anything else he comes across of interest.

Scooterswag.com has its first sponsor!

Why lookie there! Up top. Where the horrible Google AdSense ads used to be. Now we have something pertinent to our audience. Not — for example — an ad for mobility scooters. (Although we will need those eventually ; )

ScooterPatch.com is in fact ScooterSwag.com’s very first sponsor. And I would love it if you would visit their site and take a look around. They have made fantastic rally patches for quite a few of the rallies I’ve been to as a Pacific Northwestern-er. And now they’re expanding their wares to include flags (pennants), keychains and other lovely swag. And as a reader of ScooterSwag you get 10% off your first order. So order up some more club patches and start designing your rally patches now while it’s crappy riding weather. Because rally season is just around the corner.


“Horsepower Through the Ages” Shirt

Plasticland throws us another adorable scooter-centric fashion accessory. This shirt features all kinds of wonderful modes of transportation like scooters, microcars, tuk tuks and unicorns(?!) It’s a ladies tee that comes in S – XL and runs $34.


Pooped? Get pupped.

While absent mindedly flipping through a pet supply catalog (and why are these always so DOG-centric?) I came across another pair of cute PJ Salvage dog + scooter pajamas. The last pair we featured was a print of a lot of dog breeds a lot of different kinds of scooters. This print is simpler, but it’s definitely more mod and international with French flags, the Union Jack, Old Glory and isn’t that a French bulldog? You can order kids-sized PJs (2T to 10 years old) for $33. And there are several style choices for adults like a long v-neck nightshirt with a button front ($52), a long sleeve top or pants for $50, and $100 for both the top and pants. All are made of a thermal style fabric with 55% cotton and 45% rayon.

Adult sized PJs at PJSalvage-shop.com

Kid sized PJs at Amazon.com

The cat’s monkey’s pajamas.

Prepare for the squeees! Here’s an adorable little girl monkey riding a pink scooter … on pajamas. I actually know quite a few of the scooterists in “The Emerald City Flying Monkeys Scooter Club” (Seattle, WA) and I know they’re going to be pissed that this doesn’t come in adult sizes. Sorry guys! Still for $14.94 you can suit up your little one in a size range of 6 Months to Age 5.

Thanks to Tammy D. for this find!


Wasp not W.A.S.P.

Factory Tools is a designer of vintage-focused scooter shirts. They sell them through Piston Ported’s site. One that stands out is their technical drawing of a wasp shown with its corresponding Vespa parts. Hint: The antennae is the fender crest. The shirts are hand screen printed on Gilden Heavyweight T-Shirts (90% cotton/10% polyester) and range in sizes from SM – XXL. They’re about $15 a piece.

Thanks to Matt for letting us know about these!

Factory Tools Tees at Piston Ported

For your little monster or modster.

I have to say this “monster” shirt is one of the cutest scooter-related things I’ve ever seen. Adorable! And I like the slogan “ride and rule” a lot too. Good Job H&M! Both shirts are $4.95. The monster shirt is available in the 1 1/2 to 8 years size range. And the mod shirt is available in the 8 – 14 years size range. (Sorry adult peoples!) Also online ordering is not yet available in the States so hopefully you have an H&M nearby to race to.

Thanks to Becky M. for this find!

Scooter Monsters Tee at H&M

Ride & Rule Tee at H&M

That French “je ne sais quoi”

Here are some gorgeous men’s Vespa print shirts. They’re 100% fitted cotton. And they’re tailored within an inch of their lives with lots of wonderful details. How do I know? Full disclosure: they very kindly sent me one. They do ship internationally and prices vary from 49,00 Euro to 89,00 Euro.

cotondoux.com (hint: search for “Vespa”)