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Flagged for approval. Scooter Rally Pennants Vespa Lambretta is Scooterswag’s sponsor and they have a new product out that would be great for rallies and clubs.

The pennants are 14 3/4″ x 19″ and are $20 each or $15 with a patch order. White is the only color background . . . for now.

Visit for more information.

And if you’d like to see a wonderful collection of vintage rally pennants, visit this site which has other great swag as well.

Interview with Allen Wallace –
Scooter Photographer (among other things)

Allen Wallace Photographer Scooter Vespa Dogs Avanti Press Greeting Card

Every now and then I would stumble upon a scooter card featuring dogs. And I would think “Man, someone at Avanti likes dogs and scooters.” Then I began to think “I bet the photographer is a scooterist and sells them these images and then a writer comes up with the lines.” The other thought I had was “I bet they Photoshop the h*ll out of these photos. The dogs aren’t even sitting on a scooter.” Yes, I do have OCD. Why do you ask?

Well after interviewing the charming New York based photographer Allen Wallace I realized I was wrong about everything.

The most recent Avanti card (on top) listed a name. So I Googled it and found Allen who has a very interesting story. Yes, he was a scooterist. (More on that later.) No, Avanti comes to him with the idea in a tight sketch and then he executes the photo. No, no one at Avanti is scooter crazy. This is marketing folks. They know people like dogs and people like scooters. And no, those images are barely Photoshopped. Stunned? So was I. Allen says he hired professional dogs who will do things like wear goggles and sit on scooters. Usually there are handlers holding the dogs that get edited out later. The only thing that really gets Photoshopped are the scooters themselves. They change just enough of the scooter’s details to avoid problems with Piaggio.

Dozens Like Us Mod Scooter Club Washington DC

The “Dozens Like Us” Scooter Club, Washington D.C., Circa 1984

Dozens Like Us Scooter Club 2012

The Dozens Like Us Scooter Club at 2013 Reunion

Spow mod zine cover 1984 scooter vespa washington dc

“Spow” Mod Culture Zine Cover

Allen Wallace & Libby Spow Magazine Vespa Scooter Mod

More from “Spow”

Of course Allen does more than just photograph dogs on scooters. He works with ad agencies, magazines and so on to earn his bread. But long before the photography gig he was a proud member of the scooter club “Dozens Like Us” based in Washington D.C. (That’s him in the front in the first photo and in the polka dots in the second.) He was also a scooter mechanic at a shop called “Big Wheel Bikes.” And he put together a mod zine called “Spow” that some of you may remember. (See delicious vintage 1984 Xeroxs above.) In fact putting together Spow is what got him into photography.

Allen Wallace Motorcycle Racing Photographer

Allen at the track.

Allen Wallace & Kids at Piaggio Vespa Scooter Museum

Allen and his kids at the Piaggio Vespa Museum.

Although Allen is more akin to racing motorcycles these days, his scooter heritage runs deep and he still attended scooter events. He’s also working on a creative project of photographing owners with their scooters. So if you’re on the East Coast and have a rad scooter, shoot him an e-mail at studio (at) To see some of the photos he’s already taken, visit his scooter portfolio here.

Want to order the card on top? It’s $2.69 here. The inside reads “You had me at woof.”

And now a word from our sponsor. Woven Scooter Rally Patches (in the bright orange banner under our own banner) has introduced a new kind of patch for this scooter rally season. Now you can choose from embroidered or woven patches. What’s the difference? Embroidered patches are sewn of course. And it’s the thread gives the images on patches a nice 3D quality. But you are limited to how small you can make lettering and other details.

Woven patches are flat and are made on an electronic loom so a much finer thread can be used which lets you do much smaller details like 1/8″ tall lettering or even smaller. Take a look at the samples above. Then think of the brand and size labels in your clothing. Now you’ve got the idea.

Jeff Bass, owner of, describes it this way: “Embroidery is analog and woven is digital.”

Be sure to peruse their site to see more examples, see the other goodies they can make and get a special ScooterSwag offer . has its first sponsor!

Why lookie there! Up top. Where the horrible Google AdSense ads used to be. Now we have something pertinent to our audience. Not — for example — an ad for mobility scooters. (Although we will need those eventually ; ) is in fact’s very first sponsor. And I would love it if you would visit their site and take a look around. They have made fantastic rally patches for quite a few of the rallies I’ve been to as a Pacific Northwestern-er. And now they’re expanding their wares to include flags (pennants), keychains and other lovely swag. And as a reader of ScooterSwag you get 10% off your first order. So order up some more club patches and start designing your rally patches now while it’s crappy riding weather. Because rally season is just around the corner.

Swag From Around The World:
Scooter Noodle Shop in Japan

From David J. Smith in Nagoya, Japan:

The setting is an industrial area, off one of central Japan’s main highways that lead up to mountains and ski resorts. Picture an old warehouse, with steam billowing out from a wall-mounted stack.

Though the exterior may be beaten and worn by weather and time, it hides what waits inside. Modern sliding glass doors open up to a bright and open space that one cannot immediately digest — to the right is a fully stocked bar, yet in front are a tables that suggest a café. Look towards the back and there are numerous display cases. Beyond these, however, is a collection of vintage scooters, and, from time to time, a classic Lotus or other rare sports car.

Wait . . . is this a garage for drunks?

Don’t pass judgement yet. Instead follow your nose and your eyes will be led to an open kitchen with enormous stainless steel pots boiling over with rich soup stock and noodles.

You’re at T.T. Ramen. One of Japan’s largest collections of scooter swag. As well as a damn fine noodle shop.

TT Ramen was the result of a local scooterist who had a passion for both vintage scooters and great, homemade ramen noodles.

For the equivalent of $7, one can fill up on this juicy delight, served in rich stock that you slurp to the last drop. Add Chinese dumplings or fried rice and you will be glad you came by scooter as you will be too full to walk. T.T. has become one of the favorite destinations for the local Midland Flyers SC, but also for scooterists making a special trip from Tokyo, Osaka and places beyond.

One warning – it is not an easy place to get to, even if one is already in Japan!

“Come by scooter” and leisurely slurp away as you delight in this relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by endless swag.

(David – Thanks so much for the write-up and photos! -SSwag)

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Los Vesparados Die Cut Scooter Card

This letterpress printed scooter pop-up was used to promote “Los Vesparados” – a scooter themed art show in Minneapolis circa 2009. By folding it together, you could have your very own paper scooter to ride around on your desk. Must have cost a fortune to do but oh was it worth it.

The art work and design was created by illustrator/photographer/designer Sean Tubridy:

Letter press and design was created by Todd Thyberg of Angel Bomb Design:

Here’s one more thing to covet. The poster for the event:

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Scootiki Art!

The Lambretta Club of USA held its annual rally, the “Lambretta Jamboree” in my town of Portland, Oregon this past weekend. One of the events was an art show entitled “Mods and Gods” and if you are a fan of Tiki Art and Scooters, it was the place to be. There were even 100 limited edition Tiki Mugs designed by artists Munktiki and Mulder142 in several different colors made just for the occasion and if you hurry, there are still some left. They cost $65 USD a piece (not including shipping). Some of the art that was featured is still available as well. To take a look at everything, please visit the link below. Serious inquiries should e-mail Joe Elroy, the gallery owner at joe (at) He is willing to ship overseas: