This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Portland Spring Scoot Rally Patch

The pros and cons of the (typically) American embroidered rally patch vs. the UK “Paddy Smith” silk screened fabric patch could prolly be discussed endlessly but I had to include one of the best patches I’ve seen in years here in this blog. Twist n Play Scooter Club here in Portland really outdid themselves with this one. Why the Lolita them? Because it was their 17th rally so the theme was “almost legal.” (Wink wink!)

Mea Culpa!

My Dearest Scooterswaggers,

I apologize for not keeping up on the blog for the past two weeks. Spring finally came to Portland and with it, a Spring Scoot Rally, a Cute Bunnies & Kitties Scooter Club Easter Party, and oh the ever constant search for a job or at least more freelance work. Anyhoo the calendar got full. But I will rectify the lack of posts pronto.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the Cute Bunnies & Kitties at our party. From left to right are Bianca, Cassie, Nicole and Tracy (me).

Happy Easter ScooterSwaggers!

Here in Portland, Oregon we have a small little club (five active members in total) called the Cute Bunnies and Kitties Scooter Club (CBAKSC). It all started as a joke since whenever we got together we would always talk about our scooters and our cats. Usually more focus was put on the latter. In any case, we always do an Easter Party and this year we’re shocked to learn that this is the sixth Easter we’re celebrating together. Another reason to celebrate? The return of founding member Bianca from the East Coast. (Welcome back Tabby! – Yes, we all have club names. Mine is “Purrrfect.”) Above on the left is ScooterSwag contributor Cassie, in the middle is “Harvey” a roadside attraction in Aloha, Oregon and on the right is Nicole.

Lammy People: Mark your calendars!

Here’s some rally swag that should prove to be quite collectible. Thanks to longtime contributor Tom C. for the magnets and postcards.

Hey – does “Vintage Lambrettas Only” really mean “Vintage Lambrettas ONLY”? Cause I want to come! : )

A link to their Facebook page:

Chicco Scooter Club! (Not to mention the Chicco Scooter itself)




Good friend Julie G. reminded me recently of the Chicco’s existence and since we haven’t posted about it since oh, 2006, I thought maybe the ScooterSwaggers out there would appreciate a reminder around the holiday season. ($59.99 at Toys R Us.) But there is a new swag item to mention: The Chicco Scooter Club patch (!) which was recently put up on ScootMoto. And gee wouldn’t this look fab on a mini patch jacket for the youngest scooterist you know? The CSC has been around since 2005 or so and helping found it was local longtime scooter girl Becky M. Be sure to visit the club’s site as the photos are way cute, even to a non-breeder like myself.

Chicco Club Patch

Chicco Scooter Club