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I would love to get rid of the ugly Ad Sense banner ads on top of my blog and replace it with something actually pertinent to our interests. So do you own a scooter shop? Have something you’d like to advertise? Then let me know. Send me an idea and I can send you a quote for how much it would cost. (E-mail me at tips AT I can even help you write and design a banner ad for your company. I have Google Analytics reports I can forward on but just as a ballpark figure, ScooterSwag has over 1,000 unique visitors per week !

Larry Crowne Contest!

Hi all,

The publicity folks for this new scooter movie have given me a real nice prize package to give away:

A $25 gas gift card, Larry Crowne T-shirt (which is a very cool silhouette of a P200 by the way) & a notebook.

If you live in the States and want to see the film then be the first to e-mail me your mailing address at tips (at) and you’ll be the winner!

The movie opens today (July 1) and rumor has it whoever wrote the script for this movie must of hung out with the real scooter crowd in LA as the characters go to some of the very same places and go on the same rides.

Here’s a trailer:

Good luck!

And we have a winner! Karen J. in Maryland sent me an e-mail at 1:14 pm today. Congrats Karen!

“I’m Scooterist”

Got a nice note from the folks at “I am scooterist” who wanted ScooterSwaggers to know about their new brand that includes some terrific t-shirts:

“Hi, we are two friends that love the classic scooter and some time ago decided to do something fun for this hobbie of ours. Basically ‘I’m scooterist’ is a concept that identifies all people who love and enjoy the classic scooter. So far we have designed a series of t-shirts, and we are looking forward to make other things related to the scooter world. That’s why are trying to work with people involved in this area with new ideas and interesting initiatives.”

Their website is great fun to look through. For example, are you curious to know what a scooter rally in Madrid looks like? Then click here:

Win a Scooter from Ralph!


As part of a promotion to launch a new perfume called “Ralph Wild”, Ralph Lauren has a contest going on in which the prize is a brand spanking new red 2008 Vespa S.

On the Ralph Wild Facebook page, there’s a road trip quiz application which will enter you in the contest to win the Vespa. And actually, according to my calculations the odds of winning are still pretty good with only a few days left to enter — the contest ends this Sunday, 3/30.