Miniatuart Petit Motor Scooter by Sankei.

Sankei Wood Scooter Vespa Model Japanese

Julie spotted this little paper scooter kit in Japantown in San Francisco during their 20th Anniversary Classic scooter rally. It seems pretty hard to find on anything other than a Japanese web site but this online store has the best price. Have no idea how much shipping would be? It measures approximately 15 x 10.5 x 0.3 cm and is made out of hard paste color laser-cut cardboard.

Thanks to Julie G. for the photo and find!

This summer make your own souvenir!

California Redwoods Scooter Vespa Souvenir

Here’s an example from my fellow scooterist Coady R. of the Slugrockets Scooter Club. They had their first annual “Big Wood” Scooter Rally near where they reside in Humboldt County, California. And yes they rode through hollowed out Redwoods. This paperweight was purchased during the rally and then righteously hacked into a more suitable souvenir.

Felted Scooters

Felted felting Scooters Vespa Crafts

So the Cute Bunnies and Kitties Scooter Club had a craft night recently and we made (or in my case attempted to make) some felted scooters like the pink one Nicole made. ScooterSwag’s regular contributor Cassie was an overachiever. Not only did she make a scooter in about an hour’s time but added a kitty rider made from hair she brushed off her cats and some whiskers she had saved. I was still trying to get a basic scooter shape after about two hours time and sorta added one tire.

Curious what’s involved in felting? Here’s a video showing the basics.

The Speculaas Cookie Mold rides again.

Scooter Vespa Heinkel Speculaas Cookies Mold

Remember this “Rare Bit O’Swag” I posted awhile back — the Goggo/IWL/Heinkelesque cookie mold? Well I finally got around to making cookies with it due in large part to the help of my friend Jessica S.

We had loads of fun making them and we were amazed a wooden mold could make such great looking cookies. I want to play around using other recipes to see what kind of results I get.

Want to take a stab at making Speculaas with you own molds? Check out this very well done video and the recipe. Keep in mind that Jessica and I used double the spices for a delicious result. We even added fresh ground pepper.

Martha Stewart Speculaas Making Video

Martha Stewart Speculaas Recipe

Where’s Waldo Scooter?

World Tour Timeless Treasures Fabric Rome Scooter Vespa

Spotted this very cute fabric while browsing for something else. The world’s favorite cities and their sites are featured including the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House, and the Golden Gate Bridge among others. Also featured are the means for travel like a car, helicopter, plane, bike, and yes a scooter. For scale purposes: The Eiffel Tower is about 2.5″ tall. Made by “Timeless Treasures” a half yard is priced at $10.25. And while you’re on the site, type in “scooter” in the search engine to see all of their other choices.

DIY Scooter Rocking Horse

DIY Scooter Rocking Horse Vespa Lambretta Plans

Needed: One jigsaw. One drill. One 1×10 @ piece of wood at 8 feet long and one 1/2″ dowel rod at 7″ long. And some time. But you too can make this baby sized scooter rocker. The plans and the patterns are all free and were created by Brooke at Killer B Designs.

Thanks to new mommy Sailor Sara for this find!

Looking good on paper.

Papero Scooter Couples Paper Models Vespa

Dear Paper Modelers and Puzzlers: Ready for a challenge? Designer Papero has created these two scooter models for you to tackle. (Check out the photo of the motorcycle model in an unmade state to get a sense of the difficulty and detail.) Made of recycled card and paper and soy oil based ink, even the wheels spin. The scooters each measure approximately 8cm X 12cm X 4.5cm. The kit ships from the UK for £17.50.

Here’s a description from Papero:

“Every aspect of this Papero paper model is beautifully designed. Start with the pre-cut eco-friendly paper ‘blueprints’. Consider where each element will go, then use pen, paint or pencil to colour them in. Pop out the pieces and assemble them together. The result is an incredibly detailed model. It helps children learn about 3D structures and develop co-ordination—but grown-ups will find hours of quiet joy in it too. And the smartest part? There’s no need for scissors, knives or adhesive, so no one’s going to glue their fingers together. Pure genius.”

Thanks to Alice D. for this unusual find!

It’s okay to embellish . . .

Modern Green Vespa Scrapbook Embellishments

Modern Vespa owners get some scrapbook love with these green Vespas with silver foil accents. You get one 12″ x 8-1/4″ sheet of die-cut scooter punch-outs and another sheet of patterned cardstock. These are from the “KANBAN – All About Him Collection” and are just $3.40 a set.

Thanks to Cassie for this find!