A Rare Bit O’Swag: Scooter Santa Candy Mold

This mold appeared on eBay and eventually went for something well over $100. It was a vintage German chocolate mold make by Anton Reiche. Every so often you can find a scooter related mold like this on eBay. Just be prepared to shell out a lot of dough. They tend to go for at least $200. In fact I used to collect these when they were under $50. That was just six or seven years ago! Many are reproductions from vintage European molds and some are original molds. They work great to make chocolates of course but I’ve also used them to make soap molds, Plaster of Paris figurines, Christmas ornaments, etc. You can even make candles if you’re so inclined. Here’s a tip: office binder clips are essential to hold the two halves together as they very seldom come with their original clips. And of course they are also just wonderful to display in the kitchen.

The Condiment Clause.

Here is a set of salt and pepper shakers made by 180 Degrees. They’re magnetic so they stay together. Assuming the Santa is the salt and the scooter is the pepper? The set measures 4.5″ when together with the scooter measuring in at 3.5″. They come gift boxed and the price is $18.25.

I can’t remember who sent me these lovely photos and this tip so please let me know so I can add it to the post. Cheers.

Santa Scooter Salt and Pepper Set

The P200 meets Pizza.

I finally found a reliable online source for this great pizza cutter and wouldn’t you know it — they’re temporarily out of stock. Ah well, Amazon says you can order now and they’ll send one out soon. In any case, at $8, what a great stocking stuffer! The wheels are stainless steel and it measures 6.8 x 0.8 x 4.5″ and stands on its own with a center stand for display. Pretty nifty.

Kikkerland II Motorino Pizza Cutter

Villa Bellangelo Scooter Wines

Here are some wine choices that come in “red, white and pink scooter.” We’ve featured Villa Bellangelo’s wines before. These sweeter wines come in 1.5 liter pouches are the equivalent of 2 ordinary wine bottles. Most states in the US can order either from the Bellangelo site or from VinoShipper for around $16.99 (not including shipping.) If anyone sees these at a major retailer, please let us know!



Homemade Scooter Crackers

Had to show off my homemade scooter crackers that I made for a friend’s fête BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. OMG, the amount of work was insane. But in case you want to go nuts and make your own, this is the mold I used. It’s quite wee compared to other scooter cookie molds.

And Mark Bitman’s recipe for simple crackers is great. Here’s his recipe for Parmesan crackers to give you some idea. But really, just go out and buy his book “How to Cook Everything.” A week doesn’t go by when I don’t refer to it. And as a single girl I don’t cook all that often. But he’s helped me fix recipes when I was elbow deep into them:

How to Cook Everything

Tully’s Coffee Vespa Gift Card

I live in Portland, Oregon but was recently up in Seattle when I spotted this. Yes, they’re probably riding the coattails of Starbucks’ Italian Roast but who cares? It’s still a neat looking card. Alas, Tully’s is only located in Seattle. But hey, isn’t that the Brooklyn Bridge behind the riders? Why not the Space Needle??


Swag From Around The World:
Scooter Noodle Shop in Japan

From David J. Smith in Nagoya, Japan:

The setting is an industrial area, off one of central Japan’s main highways that lead up to mountains and ski resorts. Picture an old warehouse, with steam billowing out from a wall-mounted stack.

Though the exterior may be beaten and worn by weather and time, it hides what waits inside. Modern sliding glass doors open up to a bright and open space that one cannot immediately digest — to the right is a fully stocked bar, yet in front are a tables that suggest a café. Look towards the back and there are numerous display cases. Beyond these, however, is a collection of vintage scooters, and, from time to time, a classic Lotus or other rare sports car.

Wait . . . is this a garage for drunks?

Don’t pass judgement yet. Instead follow your nose and your eyes will be led to an open kitchen with enormous stainless steel pots boiling over with rich soup stock and noodles.

You’re at T.T. Ramen. One of Japan’s largest collections of scooter swag. As well as a damn fine noodle shop.

TT Ramen was the result of a local scooterist who had a passion for both vintage scooters and great, homemade ramen noodles.

For the equivalent of $7, one can fill up on this juicy delight, served in rich stock that you slurp to the last drop. Add Chinese dumplings or fried rice and you will be glad you came by scooter as you will be too full to walk. T.T. has become one of the favorite destinations for the local Midland Flyers SC, but also for scooterists making a special trip from Tokyo, Osaka and places beyond.

One warning – it is not an easy place to get to, even if one is already in Japan!

“Come by scooter” and leisurely slurp away as you delight in this relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by endless swag.

(David – Thanks so much for the write-up and photos! -SSwag)

Scooter Hootch rides again.

Spotted at Grocery Outlet, this latest scooter wine comes in Proscecco Brut, Pinot Grigio, Chianti and Tuscan Red. They all seem to be priced under $20. There’s a store finder listed on their site. And these wines may also be found online for the intrepid researcher who’s willing to go to the trouble. If any of you find this wine in national chains, would you let us know? Grazie.

Thanks to Becky M. for this find!