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I would love to get rid of the ugly Ad Sense banner ads on top of my blog and replace it with something actually pertinent to our interests. So do you own a scooter shop? Have something you’d like to advertise? Then let me know. Send me an idea and I can send you a quote for how much it would cost. (E-mail me at tips AT I can even help you write and design a banner ad for your company. I have Google Analytics reports I can forward on but just as a ballpark figure, ScooterSwag has over 1,000 unique visitors per week !

The 2011 Rickshaw Run!

This handsome t-shirt features the logo of this year’s Rickshaw Run and is £16.00 and available with other merc at the site’s shop:

FYI – One person’s Rickshaw is another person’s Vespa Ape or Lambretta Lambro or Tuk Tuk.

I happen to know a team that is on the Rickshaw Run right now . Calling themselves “The Ugly Americans,” the team is made up of David Fogarty (aka “Doughnut” to the Pacific Northwest scooter crowd) and Mark. All of the teams are raising money for a very worthy charity: The Frank Water project is a British based charity that is working to bring water purification technology to areas of India that are in need.

So if you’ve ever wanted to donate something on behalf of ScooterSwag for all of the pleasure this little blog brings to your OCD collecting life, please consider making a donation. Every little helps. Several teams have far surpassed their goals and I know Doughnut and Mark would like to donate even more. The “Just Giving” button is on the team’s page where you can also keep track of their exploits:

The Ugly Americans Team Page

And ahem ((clearing throat)) GO UGLY AMERICANS GO!

Scoot For A Cure!


Melanie G. of the Unaffiliated Scooter Club wants to let us ScooterSwaggers know about an upcoming benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:

Called “Scoot for a Cure II,” it takes place on Saturday, August 29 in the Kansas City metro area. But even if you aren’t anywhere near Kansas City you can still participate by buying Scoot For A Cure swag at Cafe Press:

All of the proceeds from the event & merchandise will go to JDRF.

They are also currently looking for sponsors to provide donations of product or gift certificates for the raffle, or promotional items for the rally packs. So please contact them at unaffiliatedsc (at) if you’re interested in donating!

If You Want To Survive You Must RIDE!




Back in mid-July we posted about a local Portland scooterist who has had a lot of serious bad luck with his health lately:

(ScooterSwag post about Steve)

This t-shirt is part of our fundraising efforts was created by local scooter girl Sara as a souvenir of the Poker Run we had over Labor Day weekend. Professionally screen-printed on high quality shirts on both the front and back, there is even a design on the side (see last image) that would stir the heart of any child of the 80s. They’re $15.00 with all profits going to our friend Steve to aid in his recovery.

Stroke This Ride Shirt

Save Our Steve!





Steve Sellers has been an integral part of the Portland (OR) Scooter Community for over a decade. He has touched our hearts as much as he’s touched our scooters. Recently, after what seemed to be a very bad and very endless cold, he was finally diagnosed with Congential Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy. Since the heart was in this condition for quite a while, he has blood clots which are detaching and have caused him one major and one minor stroke. The long-term effects of all these factors are yet to be determined but we know the long-term costs will be extensive. Like a lot of people who work for small businesses, he doesn’t have health insurance.

In the next couple of months, PDX scooterists are going to be doing multiple fundraisers and raffles to help Steve cover more basic expenses like rent and kitty litter. How can you help? Glad you asked.

I’d like to ask all of the Scooterswaggers out there who’ve had their Swag posted on our site to please consider donating to this cause by sending us raffle items. It could be anything – wine, socks, etc. (E-mail and I will send you the raffle coordinator’s name and address.) And remember – these are tax-deductible contributions!

Or, if you’d like to help out in a more direct way, you can donate much appreciated cash. Below is a link to Steve’s page on You may recall me asking you to donate to Scooter-Relief on behalf of Scoot! Publisher Josh Rogers earlier this year. He has said that he greatly benefited from donations from fellow scooterists so it really is a success story:

Here’s a link to Steve’s own site where you can keep updated on fundraising and his progress:

Thanks so much!

— Tracy

20,000 Mile Peace Sign







For the second time Alix is riding her Buddy scooter across the USA racking up over 20,000 miles total to raise awareness and funds for peace! You can read more about her trek here:

Scooterworks is selling limited edition Peace T-Shirts are made on high quality sweatshop-free American Apparel shirts in men’s and women’s sizes. These do tend to run a tad small so order accordingly. They’re $19.99 each and for every shirt they sell, they’ll give Alix $5 to help with her fundraising.

“Pointing Two Fingers. Not One.”

“Promoting Peace With Every Mile”

“20,000 Mile Peace Sign”

Josh Rodgers' Accident Fund




Scoot! Magazine publisher Josh Rogers (he’s the handsome fella in the middle) was hit by a Lexus swerving into his lane at 55 mph on Sunday, March 2 during the Vespa Club Los Gatos’ (San Jose, CA) monthly ride. He was airlifted to the hospital with a broken femur among other injuries and his TGB Laser was totalled. (Doesn’t look like the car fared too well either – No Nosh on Josh!) He’s doing well, all things considered, but we’re very sorry to see him down and wish him a speedy recovery. Here’s more info at

As no insurance covers everything, and airlifts are astronomical, a fund raiser has been set up at Donations can be sent to:

Heal Fast Josh! Still hope to see you at Spring Scoot. Maybe we can build you a rickshaw or what are those things the slaves carried kings on? Someone help me out on this word . . .


PS: This is also a good time to mention that Josh had on a full faced helmet, an armored jacket, armored gloves and what look like armored knee pad pants. He would have been injured far worse if he hadn’t had all of this protective gear on. So even as it gets warmer and it’s incredibly tempting to feel the breeze on your skin, DON’T DO IT!

The Vespadition





In a little less than a month, a New Zealander by the name of Peter (or by his Maori name of Matua) will be starting a 30,000 mile journey on a Vespa GTS 250 to 49 US States and 8 Canadian provinces to “promote kindness, compassion and volunteerism.”

To help raise funds for the trip, Matua has more than 100 scooter & Vespa-related swag items that are available on his site. Anywhere from $.50 to $4 is given to me from each sale, and will help to cover expenses incurred throughout the trip. I’ve put up just a few of the things he has available on his site here: