Scooter mug @ Starbucks


Thanks to Kate at Kukaru for the tip: new mug sold at Starbucks. “My journey begins today” – cool.

Note from Tracy – I went to a couple of Starbucks today here in Portland but didn’t find the mug. But according to who I asked, it is carried in some of the more merch-heavy stores. Good luck!

0 thoughts on “Scooter mug @ Starbucks

  1. They have them in the Starbucks here in Indianapolis on clearance for $4.99. They also had some travel mugs with the same type of logos. If you can’t find any let me know and I’ll try to get some more.Rickie

  2. I am lucky to have received this mug from a good friend of mine from Bellevue. I did see a few of these listed on eBay. I don’t think these are in the stores anymore.

  3. Do you have this mug and would you be willing to sell it? I had it and a coworker smashed it last night, it has extreme sentimental value for me and i’m looking to replace it.