Chicco Scooter Club! (Not to mention the Chicco Scooter itself)




Good friend Julie G. reminded me recently of the Chicco’s existence and since we haven’t posted about it since oh, 2006, I thought maybe the ScooterSwaggers out there would appreciate a reminder around the holiday season. ($59.99 at Toys R Us.) But there is a new swag item to mention: The Chicco Scooter Club patch (!) which was recently put up on ScootMoto. And gee wouldn’t this look fab on a mini patch jacket for the youngest scooterist you know? The CSC has been around since 2005 or so and helping found it was local longtime scooter girl Becky M. Be sure to visit the club’s site as the photos are way cute, even to a non-breeder like myself.

Chicco Club Patch

Chicco Scooter Club