Esso scooter collectibles


Ever seen these Esso “oil drop head” characters? They’re on a bunch of swag, most of it hard to find. Here’s some of what Tracy and I have dug up:
T-shirt from
Stickers on eBay.
Thermometer from Signs-Unique.
Postcard from Cockpit Boutique.
Keep an eye out for the keychains and the ‘Esso Drops’ candy. So far, we’ve only found them for sale in Japan..

0 thoughts on “Esso scooter collectibles

  1. I just picked up a small oil drop doll, probably 50’s. She is in a drop shape container. The paper in the bottom says COLLECTION no 1 la route joyeuse. the logo and Auvergne. Doll is 2 1/2 inches high, yellow oil drop head, blue skirt with embroideried apron. Any value?

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