Finally! A Scooter BEER!




Thanks to John G. for this find. Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado makes a True Blonde Ale and also a True Blond Dubbel. They also have a t-shirt featuring their True Blonde Ale for $16.00:

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  1. These people are super nice. We saw an ad for beer in Estes park several years ago. We couldn’t find it any where. I contacted them by e-mail and they sent me an envelope full of labels for my collection. A real class act! The beer is nor available in Indiana,so I’ll try to find some in Chicago nect time we go.

  2. D’Oh! I’d never realized that a lot of folks had never seen/drank True Blonde! I’ve have mentioned it to you all ages ago had I known. It’s available all over the place in the Denver area.