Scooter Protective Gear for Babies?!

Pink Scooter Bib.jpg

Blue Scooter Bib.jpg

Cassie posted about Tea Towels with this print on them back in June 2007:

Scooter Swag Post

The towels don’t seem to be available anymore but these adorable baby bibs are! They are £7.50 (British Pounds) a piece. Thanks to Scooter Stu for this great find:

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  1. And even cooler that’s a Vespa 125U not something you see pictured very often

  2. I actually have a tote and make-up bag in the blue from Jam Tart that I bought at VanFest in England a couple of years ago – LOVE them. Going again this year and will look for more when I get there!

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