Those are sure some sexy pixels you've got there . . .



ScooterSwag featured Plexipixel in our write-up about all the amazing swag to be had at AmeriVespa in Seattle this past summer. But now their site is up and running and they’ve even created free fetching scooter girlie wallpaper for those of you out there lucky enough to have an iPhone (covet, covet). The t-shirts with these images (but not the Plexipixel logo) cost $25 with just $3.75 shipping. Just tell them your sex and size. Visit their “Schwag” section here:

PS: How about this for romantic? Vicky and her hubby met at a scooter rally seven years ago. They saw they both had 1974 Vespa Super 150s and fell in love. And now now share a digital design and development studio together..

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