Build your very own action figure!






(Thanks to Matt R. for this find!)
It’s always interesting to learn about a whole different subculture and action figures has definitely gotten a lot more customized since I played with dolls. Naturally I ripped heads of Barbies and stuck them on different bodies but for the collector craftsperson it goes far beyond this. If you’re interested you can buy two different “Mod Girl” outfits that include a head (!) and accessories and will fit the bodies of several other figures that exist out there in Cyber Land. The mod gear is made by the high-end boutique company “Toy Soldier” in Hong Kong. I wish I knew more about the set but it hasn’t been easy to come across information. You can get these sets on eBay as well as the site I’ve linked below – just remember you’re only getting a head and some clothes! The dolls that these will work with are called “CY Girl” and “BBi Perfect”. I have no idea if you could dress a standard Barbie in these clothes but if anyone pulls this off, please send us photos! One outfit and head costs around $50 and the scooter is $39. BTW, the scooter is NOT included (of course) but I found it as well if you want to recreate exactly what is shown in the photos here:

Mod Girl Outfits

Vespa w/Side Car Model