Is that a scooter I see? . . . why yes it is!!



Shag and Portland-based Dark Horse Comics have gotten together to produce some fine consumer goods that feature some scooters. (Cause Shag loves his scooter swag). See past entries by searching “shag” on this site. The first set is called “Supersonic Stationery” with a spacey travel theme and the second set is called “Dangerous Women” which features a Pharoah riding his Heinkel with his pet Anubis in the sidecar. And of course you think, “Yeah, a Heinkel is exactly what a Pharoah would have. It’s so obvious . . ”
You can order from Dark Horse directly:

I’m also including some wrapping paper swatches of some of his past efforts although these are now very hard to find. I came across a roll of the wedding paper at Wild Oats last week but I hadn’t seen any at this store for two years so I think it was inventory that got lost for awhile and I just lucked out. The wedding wrapping paper would match the greeting card Cassie posted recently and is made by Roger La Borde. His title for it is “Rhinestone Wedding” and there was also another wrapping paper that was very scootery with orange and purple being the main color scheme. I can’t find a photo of this one anywhere. The microcar one I include because I like microcars. So there.

Wedding Shag.jpg
Minicar Shag.jpg.