Ride your cookie and eat it too

Scooter Cookie Cutter.jpg

I went to a lot of trouble about five years ago to make a scooter cookie cutter (remember Becky?) by tediously bending copper strips. It came out pretty good but save yourself the trouble and get one of these! It even has a proper saddle seat! Swoon . . . Find them at the Pietersma Tinworks in Canadia for $8.95. They measure 5 7/8″ x 3 1/2″ and will take a few weeks to deliver as they’re made to order. Thanks to Julie G for this find!


2 thoughts on “Ride your cookie and eat it too

  1. Hey thanks for the mention! Wondered what was causing the sudden surge in Scooter orders. I know what I will be making in the shop this week.

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