Pigtale by Image Comics

Here’s a new comic book series featuring scooters:
‘Pigtale’ is a contemporary story that takes place in present-day Portland, Oregon,” Nedelcu told CBR News. “It tells the exciting adventure of Boston Booth, an amateur Private Eye whose life is in financial and professional turmoil, when suddenly he runs into Clyde, an intelligent talking pig desperate to get away from his violent wolf stepbrother Taxx. Together, Boston & Clyde venture off into the face of danger to help one another overcome their fears, rescue loved ones, and save the city from Taxx, who’s bent on destroying Clyde, getting his revenge, and using the ‘Super-Plasma’ device to conquer the city and reign supreme!”
Not sure where to find this but check around.

Update:  The comic’s website has a comic-shop locator where you can find a local source..

New Miso Pretty

Miso Pretty
Blue Q’s “Miso Pretty” has added some new things to their line. There’s a Rice Scrub that features a female scooter rider in a storm with a sidecar full of rice. There’s a mirror with this image and some new bags with the original girl scooterist transporting bamboo. These are best found doing a web search on Froogle. Or by keeping your eyes open at local stores..

Spotted in France

Spotted in France: A Dog\'s Life...On the Road
I have read this and for dog-scooter owners, it’s a pip. I have a hard time believing a dog would sit in front of an owner’s legs just behind the legshield but there are photos to prove it. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“Gregory Edmont, an American living in Paris, and his precocious Dalmatian Jamy-Prince du Bois-deTanagra (JP) undertake a delightfully quirky journey to the south of France, where JP has been summoned by a desperate dog breeder to provide stud services. Hopping aboard a vintage Vespa scooter, these unlikely traveling companions turn heads and charm locals as they meander through a series of colorful towns and villages. A canine prodigy accorded a great deal of respect by the dog-loving French, JP provides a unique entree into provincial French society for his seemingly less worldly master. No ordinary tourists, Gregory and JP encounter all manner of memorable adventures along the road, including a run-in with gendarmes, a fortuitous encounter with a coven of mechanically able witches, and a hilarious assortment of eclectic dining experiences. Both travel enthusiasts and dog lovers will be charmed by this breezy odyssey as man and dog stray off the beaten path.”

“Spotted in France” at Amazon.com

Vroom with a View

Vroom With a View
Just started this book and it seems pretty interesting. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“Readers will fall for a side of Italy rarely seen with the just-turned-forty Peter Moore rattling around the country on the back of an ageing Vespa scooter — like himself, a little rough around the edges, and a bit slow in the mornings perhaps, but basically still OK.”

“Vroom With A View” at Amazon.com

Eating up Italy: Voyages from a Vespa

Eating Up Italy

A book with a Vespa AND food. The mind reels. But here’s another’s review:
“If you seek to understand the minute subtleties and regional differences of Italian food, this is a wonderful, lovingly written book. But if your head is turned by the subtitle, “Voyages on a Vespa,” save your money. You will be disppointed that the two Vespas he uses for months and thousands of miles barely get mentioned. There is one small, generic photo of a scooter at the beginning of the book, and one of an odometer towards the end. When he returns the rental scooter at the end of his journey, he sums it up by saying, “It was a brisk, unsentimental parting.” As a Vespa enthusiast, that will also sum up how I react to my parting with this book.”

“Eating Up Italy” at Amazon.com