Scooter Menorah! Oy Vey!



Becky McCabe strongly believes that Scooter Swag should be more ecumenical and I couldn’t agree more. So in the spirit of the holidays here is the Moped Menorah which is really a scooter menorah but that of course doesn’t have the lovely alliteration that “Moped Menorah” has. This is available on several sites if you type in Moped Menorah. Happy Hannukah everyone!

Koalas Ride Scooters too!

Koala Brothers.jpg

Koalas were the penguins of the 70s. And I’m glad to see them come back even though now I know more than I want to about these cute critters. Like the fact that they’re mean and they’re stoned most of the time. The Koala Brothers are a Disney product and they’re new to me but it may be worth checking out the show if you have kids. From a quick perusal of their site I also know that one of them inhabits a tear drop trailer (there’s a toy of this too!) and I think an alligator drives an Vespa Ape like vehicle. The scooter toy set is hard to find on the web but worth a search. Ebay is also a good bet.

Hello Kitty Shirt

Hello Kitty.jpg

Here’s a somewhat new shirt that seems to only be available on eBay. Of course it’s only good for juniors (ie. itty bitty ladies). Cruel Sanrio! This find was in Scoot! Magazine in April Whitney’s Scooter Collectors Column. Thanks April!.

Sorry about the hiccups

Our webhost had a database burp a couple days ago, leaving things in a terrible state. I think things are close to being back to normal now, but I’m thinking it may be time to start looking for a more competent hosting service..

It's the most wonderful time of the year!





Target comes to the rescue again with not one but two rolls of wrapping paper featuring scooters, not to mention cats, poodles, reindeer and santas. These came out last year but thankfully they are available again this year too. Stock up! It’s embarrassing how much I now own. Probably enough to wallpaper several rooms..