Pochacco Scooter Club

Hello Kitty’s friend Pochacco rides a scooter from time to time — Sanrio makes all kind of great stuff like clocks, banks, pens, wallets, etc. Becoming harder to find, as I think he’s more into soccer these days, but scour your local Sanrio outlet or see EverythingCute.com.
If you want to try ordering from Denmark, there are stickers and bandages… HelloKittyShop.dk
Here’s a cute b/w coloring page of Pochacco & his bike at Sanrio.com..

VMoto scooter gear


Vmoto is a scooter manufacturer — they have some cool gear like these insulated cooler bags. Doesn’t look like they have an online store, but they probably sell the stuff at their dealerships (Maryland & maybe Wisconsin?). Or email them for more info..

Personalized "Library Bag"


Handy denim library bag sized to comfortably carry a young child’s picture book or a school child’s reader. You specify the name you want appliquéd on it, and there are a few motifs to choose from including this scooter. By Townmouse..