Vespa Forever Book






This is the mothership of all scooter swag books. Cassie posted about it quite awhile ago. I contemplated buying it but it costs 50 Euros and with shipping from Europe it’s around $100 USD. But a friend in Eugene has it and I have seen the light after actually holding it in my hands. I just ordered it today. It’s a big gorgeous coffee table bible orgasmotron of a book. Totally worth every penny. Here’s what the author has to say:

“Could there be any better way of capturing the cult of the Vespa than by presenting the objects which have been created for Vespas and their owners during the past 60 years? The Vespa has provided mobility and freedom to millions of people and its allure has inspired countless artists. This book contains over 1000 previously unpublished items (posters, stickers, toy models, key rings, trophies, pennants and much more) – each piece revealing a passion for the Vespa way of life.”

You can order directly from the author here:

Those are sure some sexy pixels you've got there . . .



ScooterSwag featured Plexipixel in our write-up about all the amazing swag to be had at AmeriVespa in Seattle this past summer. But now their site is up and running and they’ve even created free fetching scooter girlie wallpaper for those of you out there lucky enough to have an iPhone (covet, covet). The t-shirts with these images (but not the Plexipixel logo) cost $25 with just $3.75 shipping. Just tell them your sex and size. Visit their “Schwag” section here:

PS: How about this for romantic? Vicky and her hubby met at a scooter rally seven years ago. They saw they both had 1974 Vespa Super 150s and fell in love. And now now share a digital design and development studio together..

Sharper Image's Scooter


15 mph? That makes this electric scooter not much more than a toy, but what a great first ride for some lucky kid with enviro-conscious parents!

Here’s what Sharper Image has to say about their “Pocket Mod Vapor Electric Scooter by Razor” (sounds a bit like a science fiction weapon to be used against mods!):

Add some vibrant Italian “dolce” to your everyday “vita” with this classic Euro-scooter. Features a 250W/24V electric motor.

– Inspired by the classic design of an Italian scooter.
– Travels as fast as 15 mph and as far as 10 miles on a single 8-hour charge (40-minute run time).
– Cast aluminum wheels with 12-inch pneumatic tires for secure, steady ride; wide, comfortably padded seat flips up to reveal storage compartment.
– Nonskid textured foot deck; easy twist grip speed throttle control; hand-lever rear brake; retractable double kickstand.
– To charge battery pack, plug into standard outlet.
– Maximum weight limit is 175 lbs.
– Ages 12 and older.

Double Vision



Thanks to Lynn for this tip. A very hip shirt from the design firm 410 BC. There isn’t too much on their site about the company but they seem to release limited edition t-shirts. This one seems to suggest that the Vespa is about to deliver a snarky pick-up line to the lounging ladies. And why wouldn’t they accept? At $28 it comes in both ladies and mens style shirts.

Animated phone wallpaper: Fat Pengy on a scooter


This Flash lite phone wallpaper stars Fat Pengy traveling to Hokkaido Japan on his scooter. Watch him do different things every hour! He will be sleeping, having breakfast, traveling to work, lunch and much more!

This wallpaper works for Nokia series 40, and Sony ericsson phones with Flash lite 1.1 or higher.

Download from