Red Headed Vixen


I saw this t-shirt on Scoot! Quarterly Magazine’s site when I went to renew my subscription. Cassie has already featured it but I wanted to put it up again because it’s so darned cute. It was designed by acclaimed artist Charuca from Spain. She designed this shirt just for their Scoot! Scooter Art issue (#40) NOTE: The Scoot! Logo on the example is a digital watermark and will not be present on the actual shirt.

Check out Charuca’s other art at

And check out Scoot Quarterly’s site here:

Here's my Scooter Swag!

I’m answering Cassie’s request for photos of Scooter Swag collections myself. As you may or may not know, Cassie and I are in the Cute Bunnies and Kitties Scooter Club here in Portland (OR). And so naturally enough we both like to collect bunnies and cats on scooters. You may have noticed the predominance of felines in Cassie’s own collection. Here are my bunnies:


I also collect vintage chocolate molds that feature scooters. These are getting incredibly expensive and hard to find but they’re great for making chocolate easter bunnies (riding scooters!) and trophies out of plaster of paris:


And finally, I like to collect record albums that feature scooters. This my favorite part of my collection. I have 3 more not shown here:


So it’s time for you to drop trou and make us envious!.