Chococat scoots!


Up to now, Sanrio has reserved scooter-riding for Hello Kitty and Pochacco, but I knew it was just a matter of time.
Click here for downloadable Chococat scooter wallpaper, and the banner at the top of this page has a cute flash video of him riding.
Eeeeeee! I know, I know, but… eeeeeeeee!

Scooter sound puzzles


How cool, that this sound puzzle has a scooter rather than a motorcycle on it! I totally want to hear what it sounds like. I only found it for sale from Kindergartentoys in the UK, though.

I did come across this other sound puzzle with a scooter on it, though the scooter isn’t one of the removable, audible puzzle pieces.


Cheap Thrills!


For years I have been going into Dollar Tree and looking for something scooter. Finally my lifelong dream has been realized. (Yes, my life is quite limited.) These purses showed up while I was looking for Nerds Candy Rope. Hurrah! Maybe not the greatest scooter purse ever, but you could always use the plastic to make something else – like a sunglass case perhaps? And what a great gift bag these would make! (They measure 7.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall) A bit worried about the summer theme – maybe these have long since disappeared in most Dollar Trees?

Pull a perfect pint




Thanks to Emily for this find. Amanda Siska at Bread and Badger makes freehand designs on etched glass. All her glass pieces are etched completely by hand. The designs are drawn or painted onto the glass, and then the design is carved out with a high-speed rotary tool and diamond burrs. This gives each piece a bit of personality and character. Her Scooter Pint Glasses are 16 oz and 5 3/4″ tall at $25 a pair. She also makes jewelry and vases and other glass ware and may be convinced to do this scooter design on those as well.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good ride.



First off, I just want to point out one little detail – Santa’s wearing black high-top Converse sneakers!! (Eeeeeeeeeeee!) Artist Jennifer Garant has obviously seen scooterists in her real life. The Santa here is $19.95 and 9″ tall. I came across the towel on eBay and figured there had to be more out there by her and this is her new 2007 Christmas collection. I found a link for the figurine but unfortunately did not find one for the towel (other than eBay of course). If anyone else comes across any more goodies in this collection, would you let us know at ??