My Friend Went To Vietnam And All I Got Was This Pink Scooter


And what an unusual toy scooter it is. My friend Anthony went to Vietnam with explicit instructions to buy scooter toys. Surprisingly Vietnam was nearly scooter toy free. And this unusual example was of the only ones he came across. It’s made almost entirely of plastic tubes and is surprisingly detailed. And it feels very 80s Pop to me. Thanks Uncle Anthony!

Christmasey Penguineys on Scooters!



Cassie posted the jewel box back in February 2007, but I just ran across a penguin ornament on eBay and discovered that these little guys are from the “Christmas Eve” line of Penguins from Department 56. And their goofy design definitely suggest a “Wallace and Gromit” influence. (BTW, Has there been a scooter in a Wallace & Gromit feature?) Well, a short perusal on the web didn’t yield a ready source for the ornaments, but at least you penguin lovers out there will know they exist. And there may be other cuteness out there. Let us know if you find them!

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