Bear-tannia! All Hail the Bear!!




Oh yes, it just keeps getting better. As you saw from the post before, the Bradford Group, a collectibles company in the UK, makes a figurine of a mod teddy bear riding a scooter. But they plan to make four scootering bears in total. “Ready, Teddy, Go” is just the first in this collection. So send a quick e-mail to these lovely Brits and tell them to let you know when the other bears are out if you’re interested. Speaking of lovely Brits, thanks to ScooterStu for scanning his brochure in for me and keeping me informed.

Ready, Teddy, Go!



Oh darn this is so freakin’ cute it actually hurts! The only thing that would make it cuter is if it were a mod cat but we can’t have everything, can we? He’s nearly 20 pounds of British Sterling (not including shipping) which is roughly $40.00 US but I know quite a few of you out there that will be ordering this today anyway. I saw “Ready, Teddy, Go!” on my favorite mod culture blog which is really worth subscribing to, especially if you’re a lonely mod in the US:

Here’s what they had to say about our bear:
Meet “Ready, Teddy, Go” a hand-made, hand-painted figurine brought to you by The Bradford Group. Wearing the traditional parka, suit and penny loafers, our hero is sat astride a heavily customised red scooter. This little piece of art would love great on the mantelpiece, and may spark debate as to whether a ‘Ted’ can also be a mod…perhaps one for the modabilly in all of us then. Reddy Teddy Go retails at £19.95 and is available from The Bradford Groups website.

And here’s what the Bradford Group had to say about our bear:
Meet ‘Ready, Teddy, Go!’ – he’s the perfect Mod and he loves nothing more than feeling the wind in his fur as he rides his scooter on the open road to Brighton.
He’s got the scooter – he’s got the look
Striking a pose in his trademark parka, he looks the part in a suit made to measure and black loafers buffed to the perfect shine. His classic red scooter is customised with an impressive array of headlamps and proudly displays the Union Flag. With a spare tyre on the back he’s prepared for anything – nothing’s going to ruin his day.
Sculpted with amazing attention to detail, each teddy is a little work of art and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its status a an exclusive edition. What’s more, every bear is hand-painted, making it a collectable one of a kind!
• Meticulously handcrafted in an original design inspired by the Mod era
• Individually hand-painted to make each bear a unique one-of-a-kind.
• Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its status as an exclusive edition.
• Shown actual size of approximately 6 x 4.5 inches (15 x 10cm).

For the Baby AND For You










This gorgeous print is called “Transportation” and is made by Dwell Studios. There is nearly everything you could want for baby as well as your own full size grown-up bed. And there’s lots of accessories to boot. Some of the pieces are available in Portland at Black Wagon and all of the pieces are available on Dwell Studio’s own site. Search for everything by typing in “transportation” into Dwell’s search engine:

My Favourite Book


This is really the most amazing book on mod culture and how it all got started. It’s a history about Ben Sherman but it’s really much bigger than that. You might almost call it the Mod Bible. So of course there are scooter photos galore. Remember to spell favorite as the proper British spelling (“favourite”) or you will never find it in your searches beyond Amazon:

My Favourite Shirt at

The Originals by Dave Gibbons



Another Scooter Comic Book. Looks good. This description from Amazon:
“The 1960s British Mod movement provides the inspiration for Gibbons’ graphic novel. There’s a twist, though, for The Originals portrays an alternative future in which gangs ride floating “hovers” instead of scooters and gather in seaside towns protected by giant weatherproof domes, while still wearing sharp Italian threads, taking uppers, and hanging out in dance halls. The story centers on Lel and his pal, Bok, and their initiation into the Originals, the coolest gang in town, which ushers them into a world of glamour, gals, and violent street clashes. The portrayal of youth culture is largely familiar, but Gibbons’ subtle, futuristic touches lend freshness, and the Mod milieu, informed by Gibbons’ own adolescence, seems authentic and exciting. Sharp black-and-white artwork, as stylish as the Mods themselves, imparts a 1960s feel while veering from documentary realism to op-art effects, and Gibbons’ skill in his first major scripting effort drives the narrative briskly. The illustrator for some of comics’ best writers–he drew Alan Moore’s epoch-making Watchmen (1987)–has learned well from such collaborators.”

The Originals at

It's A Kitty Kat! And it's RIDING A SCOOTER!



Too bad this card is for a granddaughter. Don’t have one of those. Oh well. Still got it. I think I got this one from Target and it’s from American Greetings for $2.59. Inside the kitty does other things and the back panel is the scooter illustration again but in black and white so it can be colored in. Some lucky girl may get this one for her birthday eh, Cassie?