New Scooter Fabric from Repro Depot and Super Buzzy!





Thanks to Emily R. for this find. And also to Kick-Draw McGraw Becky M. who pointed out there were two other colors available than I didn’t know about. has some fantastic fabrics (kitties hiding in boxes and bags anyone?) and now they have one in two color schemes for us scooterists. Wait! What was that? Off in the distance . . . Oh wow. I can already hear the sewing machines of scooterists taking off. Especially those of us who may want to decorate a little girl’s room in pink AND scooters. SuperBuzzy is (what else with a name like SuperBuzzy?) an adorable site with Japanese inspired fabrics and notions.
At RetroDepot the magenta and black scooter fabric sells in half-yards (18″) for $9.95. At Superbuzzy, all four colors sell in yards for $19.95.

Magenta Echino Scooters

Black Echino Scooters

All Four Colors at

Scooter mug @ Starbucks


Thanks to Kate at Kukaru for the tip: new mug sold at Starbucks. “My journey begins today” – cool.

Note from Tracy – I went to a couple of Starbucks today here in Portland but didn’t find the mug. But according to who I asked, it is carried in some of the more merch-heavy stores. Good luck!

Order your Converse-Wearing Scooter-Riding Santa now


UPDATE!!! The links have changed!!! (The new links are below)

I’m not really ready for Christmas yet – it was over 90 here in Portland yesterday – extremely hot for us – but I know there are some of you out there who work Christmas all year round.

We posted about this figurine last year:

but it’s available again for pre-order.

From David at Tabletop Christmas:
The interest in the Scooter Santa figure by Jennifer Garant was overwhelming last year. Our stock ran out after just a few days. We special ordered Scooter Santa for the 2008 season; he is scheduled to arrive on August 15.

Scooter Santa will appear on both: