Sequin Scootery Goodness


Thanks to Babette S. for this crafty find. After the Vegas rally this year many of you probably can’t stand to look at sequins for awhile but for those of us who stayed home, we may just find ourselves sewing soon. It’s on sale for $4.89 at JoAnn Fabrics:

Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit


This line looks to be designed by the same group that did the Miso Pretty line:

Miso Pretty Post

. . . but I couldn’t find out sure. “Wu Wu” is the name of the company.

The adorable tin (measures approximately 7.5″ wide) has a kid-sized baking kit with set of celebration candles, rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters, cupcake cases and recipes for iced-star cookies and fancy cupcakes. Alas, this seems to be the only design that features a scooter but that could change! I love the fact that the scooter appears to have the wheels from a side car but no actual sidecar. Sort of like training wheels? I could use those from time to time. ; )

Your very own Scooter Geisha


This lovely little lady is called Tome Kei on her “Skit Scooter”. I tried in vain to find out more about this character. I thought maybe she was from anime but I came up short. (E-Mail us at if you know more – or add a comment.) She’s a pre-order limited edition toy from Japan and won’t be available to ship until July 31, 2009. And like all good geishas she’s pricey: $139.99!

Addition: Scooter Stu has identified her scooter as a take on the Maico Mobil (or at least one who’s been on a diet!):

Maico-Mobile 1957 M200.jpg

Ride your cookie and eat it too

Scooter Cookie Cutter.jpg

I went to a lot of trouble about five years ago to make a scooter cookie cutter (remember Becky?) by tediously bending copper strips. It came out pretty good but save yourself the trouble and get one of these! It even has a proper saddle seat! Swoon . . . Find them at the Pietersma Tinworks in Canadia for $8.95. They measure 5 7/8″ x 3 1/2″ and will take a few weeks to deliver as they’re made to order. Thanks to Julie G for this find!