Whichever way the wind blows

Scooter Weathervane.jpg

I was looking for some replacement parts for my mother’s rooster weather vane today. (New word I learned – the missing E for East is called a “Directional”) So when I started coming across motorcycle weather vanes of course I had to see if I could find scooter weather vanes. And Ta-Da! The good news – you can choose from Vespa or Lambretta. The bad news – they’re in England and they’re £175 a piece.

Vespa Weather Vane

Lambretta Weather Vane

Your own little rustic red scooter


Not all of us are lucky enough to find a true “barn bike” so here’s a consolation prize and it’s on sale. It was $35.50 and now it’s $26.99. From Coldwater Creek:

“Wind-in-your-hair fun. This well-traveled motor scooter reflects miles of motoring, complete with the occasional ding and scuff. Painted metal, with free rolling wheels. 9 1/2 inches long.”

Thanks to Kelle H. for this find!


Adored. (But of course!)


So this is how you wear a beret and a helmet at the same time. I have always wondered. Not something I think I could pull off as I have trouble keeping track of my gloves, jacket, helmet, purse . . . etc. But it’s nice to know that some girls can do this. ; )

From the “Gossip Girl” author comes the ninth (!) book in her “It Girl” series about (what else?) rich teens in Manhattan:

“Brett Messerchmidt is planning Waverly Academy’s annual holiday ball and gift exchange. But when some enterprising students decide that playing Secret Satan is infinitely more fun, the entire school starts acting naughty. Now all Brett wants for Christmas is a quiet holiday-and a kiss from a certain someone under the mistletoe. Too bad Callie Vernon has the same idea. Ho ho no!”

Thanks to Madeline G. for this find!

Adored at Amazon.com

Legos with training wheels?


I’ve never heard of “Mic O Mics” but then I don’t have kids. They seem like they might be sort of user-friendly Legos? This colorful little guy is available from Toys R’ Us and other online retailers. It’s $20.99. Thanks to Julie G. for this find: